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Bespoke Personal Training Online

I believe in an individual, tailored approach to fitness and eating, which works for you, and that you can fit into your daily life without too much disruption.

It’s not about exercising more or eating less, it’s about finding out what works for you, and we can do that together when you become an online coaching client.

This is less than the cost of a personal trainer at your local gym, it means you can train whenever and wherever you want, depending on how it fits into your lifestyle. And it means that I can give you more focused time to empower you to reach your goals (which is much harder when you only have an hour with a personal trainer at the gym!)

What does that involve?

This involves me going through an initial assessment with you to work out what you want to achieve, what your limitations are (physically, in terms of injury, health issues etc., and other concerns such as time management, looking after the kids… you name it!), and how we’re going to work together so you can look and feel the way you’ve always wanted!

But I’ve been trying to do this for years… it hasn’t worked!

You haven’t worked with me before.

We’ll work together to give you the tools to make this work for yourself. Most packages will involve 3-month programmes and, after that, you will be equipped to know how to exercise and eat to get the best results. You won’t need me anymore.

Remember this is your plan, to fit into your lifestyle, to make you feel happier, stronger and fitter in your skin. And you’ll have my support along the way.

Sounds good… what now?

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